Niki and Justin met at a bar in December 2018. Niki first fell in love with Justin when they were long distance and he came to her graduation. He took a final exam for law school in the morning, drove 2 and half hours to her graduation, brought flowers and a gift, sat with her family, and then had to go back to school early the next day for another final exam. She felt so loved and supported that he put in all that effort despite being busy with his own school-life.

Niki knew Justin was the one when he spent the week with her family on vacation in South Haven. He fit right in with the group and they had such a fun time. Niki loves Justin’s spontaneity and how he pushes her out of her comfort zone. They are looking forward to creating new traditions, traveling, starting a family, and building a life that they are proud to live.

The Proposal

Niki and Justin got engaged around their 3 year anniversary. It was a snowy evening in January and Justin said he made dinner plans. He took Niki to Holland State Park because she loves the beach and proposed. His sister was there sneakily taking pictures to capture the special moment. Afterwards, they went to dinner and Niki’s parents and Justin’s parents were there as a surprise. It was a sweet celebration!

The Day & Design

Natural, classic, and simple. One unique detail from the day was that they did a photo dash. For the duration of one song, Niki and Justin ran around and got a picture with every table. It was such a riot and everyone commented how fun and unique it was to be included!

The Couple’s Advice

You will eventually get to a point where the details don’t matter anymore. When you feel like you are at that point, trust your instinct and let go so you don’t have to stress anymore. Delegate! You will be surprised at how many people are MORE than willing to help out in whatever way they can.

First Dance Song

“Forever and Ever and Always” by Ryan Mack