September 2020 Newsletter


Looking Ahead

Letter from the General Manager

And somehow, fall is here. While this summer was different in many ways, it still seemed to go by too quickly. Thank you all for a wonderful summer season! Our team is looking forward to a great fall season.

A quick overview of things to come:

Membership Matters
Do you know someone who is interested in becoming a member here at Railside? If you refer a new member, they will receive a free membership for the remainder of 2020. Plus, you’ll receive 25% off next year’s dues. For more information about this deal please contact Jennifer.

The Union Pavilion
We are looking ahead and now booking the Union for 2021 and 2022 events. If you know a bride or have an event you wish to hold at the Union I encourage you to contact Donna.

As always, thank you all for your continued support of the club.


Jim Bultema
General Manager


September Updates

Ladies’ Ringer Event
The 2020 Ringer event concluded at the end of August and here are the final results.

  • Joanna Bray- 9 (front) Hole Flight Champion, Ringer score 20
  • Peggy Ott- 9 (back) Hole Flight Champion, Ringer score 24

President’s Cup and Compadre Cup
Congratulations to the following President’s Cup Champions!

  • Marty Williams- 2020 Men’s President’s Cup Champion
  • Nancy Kitchen- 2020 Ladies’ President’s Cup Champion
  • Matt & Joanna Bray- 2020 Couples’ President’s Cup Champions
  • Kyle Blackport and Brent Voorhees- 2020 Men’s Compadre Cup Champions

Ladies’ Junior-Senior Championship

Congratulations to Jenn DeBoer & Terri DeBoer, 2020 Ladies’ Junior-Senior Champions

Men’s Junior Senior Championship

Congratulations to Craig Kartes & Todd Plummer, 2020 Men’s Junior-Senior Champions

New Fall Merchandise Arriving
The Golf Shop will see the arrival of new fall merchandise and apparel from many of your favorite brands. Please make sure to visit the Golf Shop often throughout the fall to see the new merchandise and to use your gift certificate balances before they expire on October 31

Flag Tournament
Our final event of the 2020 season is Friday, October 23 with our Flag Tournament. Make your own tee time and form your own group. Plus, designate your college of choice to play for. 18-hole stroke play event using 100% of each player’s playing handicap. Par plus playing handicap will be added to form an allotted number of strokes. Each player will play until they reach their allotment. Their flag will be planted after they hit their final allotted stroke. The player whose flag is further ahead on the course will be the winner and their college flag of choice will fly next to the Starter House until 2021’s event. Please click on the link below to sign up. A great event to play in with the start of B10 football over the weekend.


  • Please repair your divots and ball marks to ensure good conditions for all players.
  • Please keep golf carts and single-rider carts on the paths around the tees and the greens.
  • Please keep golf carts and single-rider carts on the cart paths on the par three’s at all times.
  • Please treat all newly sodded areas on the course as ground under repair.
  • Greens aerification will take place on October 13 & 14.  Please check your daily email from the Golf Shop for updates.
  • The practice facility hours will be 8:30am-6:00pm during first two weeks of October.  The practice range will close for the season on Thursday, October 15.  The short game area will remain open until October 31.
  • The on-course restrooms will close for the season on Thursday, October 15 so they can be winterized.
  • The October Golf Shop hours will be 8:00am-6:00pm Tuesday-Sunday.
  • The “active season” for handicap scores for the state of Michigan ends on October 31. Scores may not be posted in the “inactive season.” Those traveling to warmer regions during the winter months may post their scores since those regions are in their “active season.”

We hope you are able to enjoy some fall golf at the club!

Matt Koets, PGA
Head Golf Professional


Around the Course

Fall is officially here and that means so many things for us here at Railside. First of all, Mother Nature will present us with spectacular scenery throughout the month. This may be my favorite month with the slightly cooler temps, but not too cold to still enjoy a pumpkin flavored beverage on the patio. It’s the perfect month to get things done without having to worry about wet conditions or turf drying out because of the heat.

Unfortunately, this is also the time of the year we have to say goodbye to our college kids and teachers for the year. They’re always good at being there to help us out when they can. We are lucky to have them for as long as we do. They do many of the jobs that others cannot, or will not do. We are thankful and appreciative of all their hard work and efforts to help keep the course running smoothly. With that being said, we will continue to push forward and put out a product that you’ll enjoy!

I look forward to wrapping up the season with you and we’ll see you around the course.

Jeff Smith
Golf Course Superintendent